Cafe Sevilla

About us

Since 1987

Sevilla was opened in 1987 by Spanish born owners Rogelio and Janet Huidobro, who constructed the Sevilla Concept from the traditional and authentic ambiance of Spain. Sevilla started as a small Tapas Bar and became popular immediately, with its’ popularity and success growing steadily since.

Sevilla is best known for combining three distinct environments under one roof: the authentic Tapas Bar, the casually elegant dining room featuring award- winning Spanish cuisine, and the lively nightclub with live music and dancing seven nights a week. At the heart of Sevilla’s entertainment program is the weekly Flamenco Dinner Show, featuring the best authentic Flamenco and gypsy musicians and dancers in Southern California.

Award winning menu

Sevilla’s menu has maintained it’s traditional concept since its’ inception in 1987. It began as a more casual tapas bar, specializing in the small “pintxos” that one can pick and choose from the bar display. Now Sevilla serves over 40 tapas from regions all over Spain, and 6 paellas that include a blackened squid ink or spicy option.

Tapas style dining is fun and interactive, and cultivates sharing between guests. Join our family here at Café Sevilla, and be transported to an evening away in Spain!