“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it.” Isadora Duncant

Flamenco dancing is a thunderous, soulful, sometimes melancholy dance that originated in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Watching these dancers expose their emotion and passion through their strong and precise motions is not only beautiful, but extremely moving. Flamenco combines pride, strength, pain, and passion through aggressive but purposeful movements with the dancers’ feet.

Café Sevilla is home to the longest running Flamenco Dinner show in Southern California. Every Saturday night we offer a three-course dinner menu combined with a two-part Flamenco Dance performance for $47.50 per person. Our dancers are at the top of their field, having been trained in Spain and teaching their own Flamenco classes. These shows are a sensory indulgence of sight, sound, and taste, leaving our guests with a piece of truly Spanish culture.

Flamenco Performers


Rocio Carrera

Rocio Carrera (Paloma Aragon) was born in Mexico, and has lived in the US since 1986. She received a doctorate in Molecular Biology and Neurosciences from the Scripps Research Institute, but left her field to pursue Flamenco full time. She travels to Sevilla, Spain for training – learning from her mentor and world renowned Flamenco dancer Pastora Galvan. Rocio is currently the director of her own dance academy, Paloma Aragon – Arte Flamenco, and has danced for Café Sevilla for years.


Mizuho Sato

Mizuho began the nascent stages of her career practicing ballet at the age of five in Iwate, Japan. She studied dance at the Royal Ballet Academy of England, and fell in love with Flamenco at the Sophia University in Tokyo. She travelled to Spain in 1997 to fully immerse herself in Flamenco and Spanish culture, and came back to Japan to win the most prestigious flamenco competition in Japan. She currently teaches and performs in LA, including The Fountain Theater.

Mizuho recently appeared as the Flamenco dancing cat in DreamWorks “Puss in Boots”. Laura Gorenstein Miller discussed Mizuho’s talent with the LA Times: “Mizuho Sato was the Flamenco reference for Antonio Banderas…technically she’s impeccable, and her speed, the way she attacks things – I needed that kind of power for Antonio.”


Vanessa Albalos

Vanessa was born in Ciudad de Juarez, Mexico. After she moved to LA, she began her dance training with her sister. She has performed with highly respected Flamenco companies, including Sarita Parra, Jose Tanaka’s Soniquete Flamenco, and Jesus Montoya’s Flamenco company. She appeared in the Iron and Wine video on MTV “Boy With a Coin” and in Master TV’s “Caminos Flamencos” with Yaelisa’s San Francisco company. She has also appeared in the annual LA Flamenco Festival produced and directed by Mitchell Chang.


Oscar Valero

Oscar Valero was born in Valencia, where he learned how to dance Flamenco. He was selected for the Parque Espana en Japan, where he danced and lived there for a year and a half. Afterwards, he continued to study Flamenco in Madrid, where he performed and studied for years. He has participated in the most famous Flamenco festivals, like the Festival de Jerez, Festival de Cante de las Minas, and Bienal de Sevilla.


Oscar Aragon

Oscar Aragon was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he began studying classical and Flamenco guitar under the master guitarist Fernando Martinez. In 1984, he was selected to perform as a soloist at the largest production events in Guadalajara. Oscar later moved to Spain where he studied with the great masters of flamenco guitar. Oscar formed a flamenco ensemble called Los Ibericos, which toured through Mexico. He was a special guest artist for the famous group, MANA, at the Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood, CA. His first original collection of compositions were released in 2004, blending Latin and world music.


Jesus Montoya

Jesus Montoya is a Gypsy Flamenco singer and composer from Sevilla, Spain. He is the artistic director of an extremely highly regarded Flamenco performance company: Montoya Flamenco Dance and Music Company. His flamenco performance company is known for putting on the greatest and most exciting flamenco shows world wide.